random glitch sound from input signal

The problem here is a glitchy nois that pops out randomly while i monitor a track, this causes glitch noises in recording, and may cause the recording to fail.
i have tryed alot for things to fix this. but no luck.

i can create an empty project, insert and audio track, and activate monitor on that track. thats all i do in a projects and still…

heres what it sounds like

I had something similar happen after upgrading to Cubase 7. It ended up being that, despite 5 never having a problem, 7 didn’t like the drivers for my audio interface. Updates didn’t help, so I ended up downloading asio4all drivers and the issue was resolved.

While it was a pain, it actually has been somewhat helpful because I can toggle between the drivers depending on what I’m doing. Before, even with maxed out buffer settings, I’d run into serious drag when mixing depending on the number of tracks/FX/etc. For some reason, despite not being able to record with it, the old driver can now handle projects twice the size without issue.

i downloaded asio4all and tryed that. It didn’t solve the problem for me :cry: i tryed out steinberg ci 2 aswell with asi4all, nope… when i think about it. it came after i installed a few plugins, might it be the plugins? even tho im not using them on any tracks?

Are the new ones 32 bit plugins?
Are you using a 64 bit OS & 64 bit version of Cubase?