Random melody generator?

I was trying to create something for those days I need inspiration to light the creative fire. Using chords, arpacheSx and midi modifiers CAN work somewhat but I was wondering if there is a better way?


There is such a piece of software: VST Plugins, Synth Presets, Effects, Virtual Instruments, Music (Random Riff Generator)

But it’s Ableton Live only. So by the time you’ve bought the lite version of Live plus the plug in you’ll be looking at about £100-110.


There are so many…

Thanks…never tried to find that, and now I’ll be using it a lot I think !!!

Yeah. cool stuff. But nothing will ever beat the Cubase VST 5 Interactive Phrase Synthesizer ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Archives/Cubase_VST/Documentation/Ita/IPS.pdf

why did they removed it??? daaaamn

Well, it was from Windows 95, and Mac OS 9. But yeah. I spent many a night playing with it.

I’m those kind of guys thinking that functionality are added with time…not removed

Well, pretty much everything had to be started over from scratch in 2001 or so, so they made choices… I suppose there are people who could still use it if they have a machine running XP or Mac OS 7.5.

I can see myself wasting a few hours on my old XP installation sometime…seem to recall the IPS as being weird but strangely addictive.

Yeah! What came out of the IPS wasn’t necessarily great on its own but it was … interesting!
Then you could use your mastermind to sculpt some new song out of it.
You could also just let the result drift off into the universe and be content with having attempted to think out of the box for a few hours!
Mildly provocative … and definitely not for everybody, but I loved it! :sunglasses:

The Wolfram one is crazy, you can get some ODD tunes out of it if you play around with the settings.