Random MIDI notes play on selected MIDI track

Hi there,

I have a pervasive problem in all projects whereby if a MIDI/instrument track is selected during playback, seemingly random note messages are sent to the instrument even when there is no part present at that place in the track.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Play back project
  • Select instrument track
  • Hear notes that shouldn’t be there!

Any help much appreciated.


Cubase 7.5.2
Windows 7 64-bit

I’m having the exact same problem with Cubase 8.
A song I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks starts to get random note sends on the selected midi channel. I’ve tried

  1. disconnecting all external midi
  2. Set channel input to not connected

All other tunes are unaffected.
This is really irritating as its a remix i’m working on which the deadline is next Friday.

Anyone know of a solution or having the same issue?