"random modifiers" for audio?

Hi experts,
Is there a way to create for audio loops the same effect than with random modifiers for MIDI (off beat and velocity)?
I am using an audio loop with a tambourin sound to add a background beat in a song and it sounds too mechanic. I would know how to do it if it was a VST instruments in a MIDI track but how to do the same with audio?

Thansk for your help!

don’t think there is…
maybe try to automate it with delays, or use the cloner plugin to randomly shift it by time and pitch, or slice it and use it as midi inside groove agent (one or se)

If I’ve understood you correctly quantize is simple enough.

Just open the quantize panel and use iterative and randomize for offbeat variations. A workaround for velocities that I use is to save a groove preset with lots of velocity variations. Then use that quantize preset on your material with with the POSITION tab at 0% and VELOCITY tab at 100%…

Thanks Frank77. The randomize in quantize does exactly what I wanted! For the groove preset I need to do some research as I am not familiar with it.

I was able to create a groove preset with velocity variations and it works very well when applied to another midi track, but not to audio.
I tried selecting several individuals short events (tambourine beats), with our without bouncing it to a single event, with or without slicing it…

The velocity in the audio will not change :-\ I must be doing something wrong, but is there a possibiltiy that groove presets can’t be applied to audio in C7 Elements?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, I see from the manual page 139 that quantize velocity modifying only applies to midi not audio. So it’s not your version of Cubase…