Random news bits...

Just some random news bits…

  • sony sells acid and soundforge to magix…

-Microsoft kills off perfectly working Live mail wanting us to upgrade from win7 or buy outlook from office…


Thanks for posting that. I was wondering what was going on with Vegas. I just moved away from it a couple months ago to premier. Well, the whole Creative Suite. It was a tough call, because I thought Vegas worked really well even though rendering was ridiculously slow. 4K video brought that sucker to a grinding halt. I’m actually right now just finishing my very last project in Vegas and we’ll do everything with premier and DaVinci.

It used to be a great software.

Oh yeah, vegas too!

I used vegas a couple of times… Was quite nice (from my noob perspective)

Magix i used in the first part of the 90s… Magix, rebirth 1.0…loool:p then off to bigger things:p

Premier n davinci eh? Cheers:)

So does that mean its the death knell for Vegas products? :open_mouth:

I hope not. I actually hope that they continue to develop the app. You would think that would be what they’re doing since it was sold.

Seems Magix buys all of it and they seem interested in keeping it alive?

I would hope that development continues too… time will tell, the tone of that announcement certainly seems to point that way. Thanks