Random Real Time Peak Overload

I have issues with real time peak overload, appearing randomly, though my cpu is bored with at maximum 50% load.

I’m working with around 50 stems at 96kHz, 32bit float with around 100 plugins, mostly uad, softube, nugen, sonarworks, hedd, izotope.
Buffer is set to the highest as I’m only mixing.

I tried several things already like disabling hyper-threading and c-stats.
Tried a lot of different other workarounds I found here and elsewhere in the net, but nothing seems to solve that issue.
I reinstalled all plugins and also reinstalled Cubase.

I tested all setting in asio guard, sometimes it worked to bring down the real time peaks, sometimes not, sometimes
it helped to restart the whole system, sometimes not - random behaviour.

I can not find the problematic piece.

Anyone pointing me to a solution would make my life a lot easier, thank you.

Well, I would say that 100 plugins on 96KHz audio is quite a bit. Specially if some of the plugins you use are heavy.
Disabling C-state doesn’t make much, if any, difference on CPU from Skylake era and newer as the latency is less than 1ms, at least if you are running Windows 10.

that’s for sure, it’s a lot, but it’s strange that it is working fine for a few hours with realtime peaking around 60%, and sudden it freaks out

You likely have something else running on your system that creates this issue. Just noticed you are running OSX, I have no clue about that.

thanks anyway, I wrote to steinberg, hope they get back with some ideas