Random Simile markings appearing in piano pedal

I’ve created a pedal line for a piano part, hidden the retakes and changed the pedal text to simile. It’s working as expected except that in seemingly random measures, the simile appears again. It doesn’t happen at the beginning of each page or line, but just twice over 10 pages. I’ve double checked and it is a single pedal line with notches throughout. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Did someone copy measures and include the simile by accident?

The simile is not a separate text, but part of the piano pedal line. I changed the Ped. text to simile and hidden the continuation line so that the pedal still plays, but you can’t see it. It seems like Dorico is adding (simile) as it would for (Ped.) at the beginning of a system where the pedal line continues from a previous system, except that it’s inconsistent.

When I did something like this, I just hid the Ped. markings and added simile as a playing technique set to “do nothing,” a custom playing technique I created or added simile as SHIFT + X text.

But I want to hear the playback as well.

So do I. I hide the ped markings; I do not delete them.

That’s what I’m doing too. I’m hiding the continuation line. I guess I could just blank out the starting text and add a simile text that is separate. I was just trying to figure out why this behaviour was happening when I don’t think it should be.