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The shuttle to Fhloston Paradise departs in 10 minutes. Please have your boarding pass ready.

Random :โ€ฆ
This little town where I live is adopting the new worldwide trend for leaving painted-up old pianos in public places with " play me " signs on from next week .
I am mentally practicing playing something with one hand in one key and the other hand in a key a semitone away whilst keeping a straight face . :laughing:

WooHoo 12:15 PM

We-ler-do We-ler-do We-ler-do

Music ran in my family. :sunglasses:


What a bunch of tragic dress photos! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :frowning:

Does anyone else think The Faith Tones looks, uhmm, โ€œtransโ€-sposed?