Randomising audio clips position/volume

I really loved and used a lot the midi logical editor to randomise notes position or velocity (especially on drums, to humanize).

But now i’m trying to sequence drums right in the sequencer window, so no more sampler, no more midi clips…only audio clips (I find it visually easier for tails and such)

Now lets say I have my HiHat audio clip, repeated like 8th, now i wanna introduce some small position variations. I tried the project logical editor, but no luck, it moves all audio clips not only those selected…can I do that?
(and if someone as a solution, is it possible for volume/gain, like velocities in midi?)



You can select the Audio events, and Quantize them with some level of Randomize set in the Quantize Panel.


yes indeed…i forgot that random function in quantize.

now I need a trick for the volume.

why can’t we use PLE but only for selected events…it seems like it’s possible, why wouldn’t it? so many people works with audio.
like choosing all events not on the beat, but only on one selected audio track, not all the project.
i never managed to do it on 1 track, am I missing something??


You can do so.

Media Type is | Equal | Audio | And
Property | Property is set | Event is selected

very nice thanks… I’m ma try that asap

thanks again