Randomize midi note on / off?

Picture this:

I have a midi track triggering two VST instruments.

Let’s call that midi track (M)

Let’s call the instruments (A) & (B)

I want (A) to strictly following the timing of (M).

But i want (B) to have some randomisation applied, so it sounds like the two instruments were played in in separate takes. To humanise the performance, so to speak.

Could anyone suggest the most efficient way to achieve this? Via a midi insert? Or some other way?

Many thanks! …J

Use the MIDI Modifiers tab in the Inspector of Track B.

Thanks, can you be more specific?

Ummm :question:

If you go there you’ll find controls that let you randomize position, velocity, etc. plus or minus from the current values.

Thanks, will give it a try…