randomize MIDI pan function?

Hello people in Steinbergland,

I’m looking for a way to randomize the pan of MIDI notes, so that each time a new note is played, the pan is in a different, random place in the stereo field. Is this possible??? … If not, do you know any plugins that can do this?

I found something called “Set Random VST3 pan” in the logical editor but can’t seem to get this to work either.

Thanks for your help!

For realtime, use the MIDI Insert Transformer FX, and set as per this screenshot…

(please note that “Function” is set to “Insert” :wink: )

Also, in line 2 of the lower section, you might see only “A#-2” or “10” and not both, depending on your setting in Preferences>Event Display>Chords&Pitches>Naming Format

Thank you sir!!! Works like an absolute CHARM!