'Randomize' vs 'Iterative Quantize'

Hi there,

What’s the difference between ‘Randomize’ and ‘Iterative Quantize’ (Mode button) in terms of the resulting recording?
What’s the point in using these both effects simultaneously?
What would be the easiest and most effective way to quantize a live MIDI recording and still avoid robotic tightness?

PS. Has Greg already covered advanced quantization in his Google Hangout sessions? I’d appreciate it if somebody shared a link.


They are kind of the opposite of each other. If you have everything hard quantized on the grid and it sounds robotic then use randomize to move stuff off the grid a bit. If you have recorded a sloppy part use Iterative Quantize to move it closer to the grid - at 100% it would be on the grid.

FYI when randomizing you will get more natural results by randomizing by a small amount multiple times rather than a large amount once. I.E. randomizing by ±3 ten times will sound more real than randomizing by ±20 once.

Raino, thanks for the explanation.