Randomizer does the same processing to all selected clips

This used to work before, but I must have changed a setting without knowing it:

When I select a copy of, say, a gunshot, and want to add the Randomizer as a direct offline processing to make the shots sound a bit different from each other, Randomizer now seems to add the same random effect to every copy of the sound, making them all sound the same still.

I recall some setting of how Nuendo behaves when copying and pasting audio, so that it generates a “new” copy that should behave as a different sound, making processing different from each of the other copies. But I don’t remember how to set this.

Anyone…? :pray::blush:

In Preferences: Editing–> Audio: “On Processing shared clips” select the " create new version" option

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Ah, there it is! Thank you!! :pray: