Randomly playing and can't stop - wait 2 mins [bug]


I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. It’s happened twice recently on Pro 10.0.15 - I have a small project open (5 audio tracks) and open a modal dialog box - once it was Audio Connections, the other time I think Tempo Detection. Cubase starts playing on it’s own and freezes, none of the transport controls respond - the PC is still responsive, but the modal dialog is hidden (you can see it with Alt-Tab’ but you can’t bring it to the foreground. After a minute or two the program ‘unfreezes’ and responds normally.

You don’t mention your OS? But regardless of that I’ve never seen anything like this? Are you maybe loading the audio files from an external drive? Was it an existing project created in an earlier version? Was this project initially created on this or on a different computer?

We need information about your specific system and situation. We’re not magicians that can wave a magic wand and make you live happily ever after? Please do the needful and then maybe we can help you with this?