Range dialog and region markers?

This is probably a dumb question – I’m a newbie.

I’m trying to use the range dialog to select the range between a pair of region markers. These markers have the same name, which seems the natural way to create them in the Insert menu. But when I use the range dialog and specify the start and end markers, I get an Invalid Range! message. See attachment.

If I rename the end marker of the Region to something unique, the error goes away.

This seems like a bug to me, but maybe there is a reason it works this way?

BTW, this is WaveLab Pro 10.0.40.


I don’t see this problem here.
Well, you can also simply double-click between these 2 markers if you want to select the region.

Were you unable to reproduce the problem or was my explanation unclear?

I understand about double-clicking to select. This was a simplification of a situation in which I had two nested generic regions and want to use the Range dialog to select the outer one. I couldn’t make it work when the start and end markers had the same name, but renaming the end marker made it work. I then tried to see if I could reproduce it in a simpler setting without the inner region, even though as you point out the Range dialog isn’t really needed in that case. I thought I had, which is the screenshot I submitted. I can investigate further if you can’t reproduce it.



Try in the Range dialog set to “Custom” at “Start” “End” for first and second marker.

regards S-EH

Were you unable to reproduce the problem or was my explanation unclear?

I think I understood, but I could not reproduce, even with nested markers.

Note: not only you can double-click to select, but you can also double-click then drag to select on marker boundaries, which is a very handy feature.