Range editing and midi editing difficulties

Im having very frustrating experience with cubase when editing Range (cut.copy,paste project) with midi events or just editing midi events/parts.
it always left me with tons of editing to clean midi notes “left overs midi Particles”
also if i have a musical passage that is ln syncopation or little bit before the bar i edit (like pad or string that takes time to evolve)
it mutes its notes if its ahead of the bar (midi event)when editing. so i have to resize/move the beginning of the note to grid or resize the midi event.
this is 2 examples and there are many related editing midi events difficulties that i experience.
i didnt use others Daws,and i always hear how cubase is the best in midi functionality,so im surprised its so hard to do editing like that with all the mess it brings.
is there a macro/midi or project editor functions that can help with those issues ?
also i hope steinberg will improve and develop the midi area of cubase ,especially in those editing difficulties .some intelligence musical (time wise) editing.
or at least having some preferences to define midi notes behavior.one simple example,let midi note play even if its note begins before the midi event( user definable of how much ticks to accept )

Actually this one is there,never noticed it. :slight_smile: is it a new addition to cubase ?
wonder if im missing other stuff :unamused:

Have you used ‘split range’ Shift+X before making your edits? I’m not sure if that will help or not in this case.

Yes, that was added recently.