Range-Insert Silence ... not working ... bug or just me?

Hello, I am not getting Range>Insert Silence to work correctly in 7.5.40, and I’m wondering if it is working correctly for you guys in 8.5?

If I create a range, then select all the tracks in the project by Clicking on the top track/Shift clicking on the bottom track … then do Range-Insert Silence:

  1. A quick scan up and down the project shows that silence has been created at the end of the range, for a duration = to the range duration - as intended.

  2. However (and this is the part that doesn’t work for me as I expected) - if there is a Group track inside a Closed folder at the time the Insert Silence command was made, the Group Track volume will not be “pushed to the right” when Insert Silence is performed.
    a) Interestingly, on those same Group Tracks that don’t respond to the Insert Silence command because they are in closed folders - the automation of those same Group Tracks IS pushed to the right, in what seems like an inconsistent feature.

    So, if I want to insert silence in the whole project, I have to make sure all my folders are open first to “expose” the Group Tracks to the Insert Silence command.


I imagine I must be doing the “please insert silence throughout the whole project” thing incorrectly, otherwise others would have reported this before. Just wanted to check though to see if this behavior carried over to Cubase 8.5.

Thanks for checking anyone, if you have a moment! :slight_smile:

You’re asking for help in Cubase 7, and also asking if it works in 8.5. I’ll move this to 7 so you can get an answer for the question on your current system, since you are running Cubase 8.x

I see that I do have C7.5 on my system, and I am unable to repro.

Thank you for checking.

Further testing: Inserting silence will often (two out of three tracks here) not shift the automation points in the “main” data in Groups (that’s always volume, right?). But the automation points in the automation tracks that open up when you hit the little hidden “+” do get shifted to the right.

S-I-C: Did you have automation points in the “main track” of the Group when you tested? If so, then it’s me. If not, then it might be a Cubase-wide thing. Possibly.

Thanks -

I’m adding more here: In my hands, the insert silence is even more buggy:

  1. The “Groups” do not have silence inserted, meaning the automation points on the right side of the inserted silence stay at the same Bar/Beat #. Since my other tracks are in Musical Timebase, this means the tracks that are routed to groups with automation are out of sync with the automation (Example: Vocal track routed to Vocal Submaster with volume automation - the volume automation will be applied to the wrong part of the vocal).

  2. Adding here a new observation that flowers the big wazoo: Audio tracks are not responding to the “Insert Silence” consistently. Example: After inserting silence, one audio track is shifted right by the appropriate amount, but the other is shifted right by a less amount.

All tracks are in Musical Timebase.

I’m giving up doing this. What I’m going to do is make audio stems of everything, instead of having a million different tracks/groups, etc.

Then I can keep track of what needs to be “touched up” after the Insert Silence (and Delete Time, which is part of what I’m doing).

If anyone can see what I’m doing wrong, I’d love to hear. Right now I am really skonkered at Cubase.

Bumping up for any help please, I really want to have the insert silence tool available to me, can anyone help me figure out why it is skonkered on my system?


Here is a simpler repro, please would love to have someone let me know what happens on their system:

  1. Take any project, as long as one of the groups has automation. Hit “Z” or otherwise expand this track and keep the automation in the viewing field.

  2. Apply a short range to all the tracks in the project, making sure it cuts through the automation you’re keeping an eye on from Step 1.

  3. Apply Edith-Range-Insert Silence while observing the response of the Group Track’s automation points.

  • That is the problem on my system - the Insert Silence command is not applied to the automation of the Group Track … none of the automation points are “shifted right”. Automation in other types of tracks, well at least in Audio Tracks, behaves as I would expect - the automation points to the right of the Range are shifted right.

I wonder if I am misunderstanding how this should work? Right now, Insert Silence is dead to me, since it only inserts silence on some tracks (but not all, like these Group Tracks.)

Thanks much for any help here! :slight_smile:

I followed your steps, and could not reproduce. You should do the standard trouble shooting steps to find out where your issue is.

And please, Alexis, my name is Steve.

Well thank you for checking Steve.

Btw, I scanned above, I couldn’t see where I called you the wrong name? Must have between a different thread, so sorry, please accept my apologies.