Range select tool.

Manual p. 67
With the range select tool

If you hold down [Shift] you can double-click several events in a row, and the selection range will expand to encompass them all.

That dose not work for me with the rande ->
Double-clicking a second time on an event opens it for editing in the Sample Editor.

Can we open 2 event side by side in the sample editor or key editor?

Tried Shift+single click?

Are you sure you’re not confusing the select tool (arrow cursor) with the range tool (I-beam cursor)?
Double clicking (shift or not) on an event with the select tool will open an editor window, using the range tool it will (should) become selected.

Range selection tool + shift not working for me too

working here. double click the first (leftmost) event with the range tool (=the range is selected across this event); then shift+double-click the rightmost event you intend to range-select, to make the range extend from the leftmost event right across this rightmost event.

(or is the shift possibly modified in your prefs/modifier keys?)