Range to locators ... am I missing that one somewhere?

Hi - I’d like to set the range to begin and end at the left and right locator positions, using a key command. But I don’t see that in the list anywhere … am I missing it?

If not … does anyone do this and have it set up to do quicker than manually dragging the edges of the range over to the left and right locator positions?


EDIT: I tested this in Cubase 8.0.10
There is a Key Command for Preferences>Editing>“Cycle Follows Range Selection” (the function itself works reciprocally in C8.0.10, but in Cubase 7.5, it works “as marked on the tin”… the Cycle follows the Range selection, but unfortunately not the other way round).

(I’ll have a look, see if there’s any way do accomplish this via a macro… no promises, though :wink: )
EDIT: I keep coming up with this non-reciprocal limitation in C7.5.

Thx, vic_france!

Not elegant, but absolutely no mousing involved, and no actual cutting/splitting the track itself (which I wanted to avoid because invariably I would forget to glue them back together and then wonder why things went awry later). So I am happy enough!

Step 1 - set the locators where you want
Step 2 - Open up a range of any start/stop time at all somewhere between the locators
Step 3 - Macro A
Step 4 - Macro B

Done! Now I can move the cursor anywhere in the project, and paste the portion of the track between locators.

Macro A

  • Transport - To Left Locator
  • Edit - Left Selection Side to Cursor

Macro B

  • Transport - To Right Locator
  • Edit - Right Selection Side to Cursor
  • Edit - Split Range
  • Edit - Copy

Thank you again vic_france for taking a look, and motivating me to keep looking myself :slight_smile:

Nice macro- but would the command ‘Select in Loop’ accomplish this? (or am I missing a detail?)

Thanks, it’s one of my first macros!

Re: “Select in Loop” - it almost works for me, but not quite - when I do that, it selects multiple tracks between the locators (MIDI+Audio), when I’m looking to copy the data just on the one track. Also, if an event is part in and part outside the locator range, the whole event is selected (i.e., there is info outside the range that is also selected). All this is by design, as I understand the manual (page 71).

Interestingly, in another way the behavior of the command is not what I would expect from the manual: the command is supposed to work on “all events partly or wholly in the locator range”. For me, it seems to select all Audio events and events from one MIDI track, but not other MIDI tracks. Don’t know why, but it is destined to remain a mystery to me for at least a while, since I don’t need to troubleshoot it to do what I’m trying to do with that macro.

Thanks much for looking at this!