Range Tool Selector Hard to See

I think I remember others having this problem, but I’m not coming up with it search-wise.

When I’m working with the Range Tool, especially “at speed”, it is really hard to see against the waveform image. I don’t recall this being an issue in previous versions, but maybe my eyes are just going…

I find myself having to stop play to hit edit spots I’d like to be nabbing “on the fly”.

In any case, does anybody know any way of improving the contrast/size of the range selection bar on a Mac? Is this an issue for anybody else out there?



Check your color preferences as well as settings like cycle follows range tool. I’m almost exclusively using the range tool, have customized my colors, and don’t find it difficult to see selections.

I’m not having trouble seeing the selections-- it’s the actual tool that “disappears” into the action when I’m moving fast.

And… having said that, I adjusted my colors a little, and it’s helped a bit.

Keeping my color prefs has become an issue-- I have to restore old preferences fairly regularly due to the "broken multiple channel routing assignment ‘non-bug’ " (thanks for the definition, Fredo :wink: ), and I guess the last time it happened I forgot to change my colors back.

Nothing like a little added annoyance at 3am…

Thanks for the suggestion, Likelystory.