range trumpet


I’m writing a piece for trumpet in Bb. The lower f#(as written) is not playing by Halion SE because it’s out of range(but not for a trumpet in Bb). Can you change this?

You can’t change the range of the HSO solo trumpet patch, no, but you could use the GM trumpet sound instead, which covers the whole MIDI range. If you change the sound in Play mode, be sure to also change the expression map in the Endpoint Setup dialog, since the GM trumpet doesn’t include any keyswitches or other playing techniques.

Can you please confirm a few things so I have a better understanding…

Are you referring to (when you say ‘as written’) a concert F# or a concert E (F# in Bb pitch). I would not expect the notes to fail on something like this as the Dorico programmers are quite meticulous. Can you confirm you’re speaking in Concert or Bb pitch as it will help considerably. Thanks

This is nothing to do with the meticulous Dorico programmers. This is to do with whether that range has been sampled within HALion. If that team sampled low enough notes (or notes near enough, then processed the samples so you get even lower notes) then HALion can play those notes. If that team didn’t sample those notes, or didn’t stretch the lowest notes low enough, there’s nothing that anyone on the Dorico development team can do about it.

It’s like you said. I was talking about the concert E (F# in Bb pitch) the sound Trumpet combi is only go to concert F

I understand but why not sample the WHOLE range what a instrument can play?

My guesses are:

  1. Size of installation.
  2. Time
  3. Money

It does seem like a glaring error, for sure. I can’t see budget being a reason to conspicuously omit the normal, expected lower range of such a common instrument.

They did sample the whole range of a trumpet in C.

There are lots of things missing from the “free” sample library you get with Dorico. For example the range of French horns is limited to horns in F, which is too short at both ends for valveless horns from the classical period, which were in keys from a 5th higher to a 5th lower.

Not to mention the contrabassoon being entirely MIA.

TBH if you care about playback just buy NotePerformer.