Raptor Lake DDR5 working hardware suggestions for Cubase12 win11

Hi, I am looking forward for any tips regarding a raptor lake 128gb DDR5 hardware suggestion that works well for heavy orchestral stuff, Vienna Ensemble pro (Local) and Nuendo or cubase12 on win11. Has anyone built such a machine and testet it yet for stability, low dcp latency, graphics issues (amd or Nvidia drivers for win11)

I have read that because of the new gen cpus steinberg does recommend special bios setups shown here https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/…re-12th-gen-or-newer-hybrid-architecture-CPUs
Anybody successfully configured everything up to work fluently on steinberg daws?
any tips or compatible hardware suggestions would be great. Have been using gigabyte x88 with 128gb ddr4 until now, but my system is already 6 years old…
thansk a lot, cheers, lokotus

I too have begun to research but have come up with some roadblocks on the RAM. This isn’t Cubase-specific, but DDR5 initially had some issues with stability running at higher speeds when using 4 sticks (you’ll need 4x32 sticks to run at 128GB). From what I’ve read, people are having some success with 4 sticks at lower speeds but it’s still hit or miss once you hit a threshold (can’t remember but maybe 4800??). This person (I’ve attached a link to youtube video) had some success so you can checkout the mobo and ram he’s using. I’m personally going to wait a bit because there are quite a few unresolved issues these days (DDR5, Windows 11, and Hybrid Architecture etc). But it would be great to know if people are having success with C12, Raptor Lake, etc. The main audio PC builders all say things are working but from past experience, you never really know until you start using this stuff in action.

Consumer grade CPUs and motherboards nowadays use mostly Daisy Chain topology for memory. This is why its so difficult and almost impossible to get stable high clock setups with 4 sticks of RAM. Pro-sumer grade setups like Intel Extreme or AMD Threadrippers have mostly T-topology trace layout for memory and they work much better in high capacity and 4 stick layouts (even 8 stick layout). This is due to daisy chain circuitry which is not completely identical in lenght on each memory slot. Thats why best result is guaranteed only with 2 stick setup on this motherboards. So I not be too much optimistic about having 4 sticks 128GB RAM on high speeds 4800+ on such systems. Its pure physical circuitry design and BIOS updates cant improve this a lot. You will get RAM errors, bsods, and overal poor stability on high clocks.