RAST-A crashes Cubase 10 Pro

Anyone else experiencing crashes when playing through presets with the new RAST-A soundset for Halion?

The preset Tom Sawer causes pops and clicks before crashing Cubase repeatedly on my system. My system is W10 pro, Cubase 10 Pro, Halion 6. All latest version.


Hi dancetiger,
could you perhaps be more specific which versions of Cubase Pro and HALion you use? For example:
Cubase Pro 10.0.15 Build 136
HALion 6.2.20 Build 194
You’ll find this information in the “About” box.

thanks and best regards

Hi, and thanks for your reply. I will provide the requested info as soon as I am back at my studio.


Hi, I haven’t noticed any crashes when using the Tom Sawer preset. I use the latest versions of all programs used.