Rastral Size of individual part

I’m trying to change the rastral size of one individual part. I’m trying to make this all fit neatly on a page, but the “force system” button isn’t working. Either option would be fine for my purposes.

To move the last system to page 3, you’ll want to either use Make into Frame, or add a Frame Break to the first bar on page 3 and select Wait for Next Frame Break. (They do the same thing) As the next Frame Break never comes the rest of the music will be moved to page 3.

You can of course change the rastral size of that part too if you want. Layout Options, then select that Layout and modify Page Setup / Rastral size.

Just reduce the size slightly in Layout Options for that particular layout?

Or just reduce the minim gap between systems for the layout: Dorico may then calculate that the extra system would fit on the previous page automatically anyway.

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I’d go with Fred Gunn’s solution. Lillie Harris’s solution is the overall approach, but when you’ve already got those settings where you want them, make-into-frame will handle the whitespace with the same elegance. When the music shrinks in size, readability suffers.

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…unless the page ends up more than 100% full.

Then you may need to drag some staves around.

… or reduce the vertical spacing settings until Dorico says it’s not over 100% any more, and you’ll get a more elegant result automatically.

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But wouldn’t that affect the 99% of the other pages that are spaced nicely?

Or is there a way to affect the vertical spacing on a page by page basis that I am unaware of?

Layout Options affect entire layouts. The vertical spacing settings you set in Layout Options are minimum values; Dorico will automatically add any additional space needed to avoid collisions etc on top of those values.

You are free to do as you please; I simply share suggestions.

If your note spacing is set to 4 in Layout options, you could try 3.5 (which John Barron once said he preferred) to see if that helps.

I’m afraid you’ve directed your response to the wrong person. trumpetandfilm is the person who posed the question.

IMHO, 3.5 is too compact for rhythmically complex music (lots of nested tuplets, etc.)

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Perhaps. Perhaps not. One would only know by experimenting. There are many trade-offs in global settings.