Ratchet sequencing like Tangerine Dream?


First post.

Just switched over from Logic to Cubase. :smiley:

Is it possible to implement ratchet sequencing like the electronic musical group Tangerine Dream within Cubase’s arpeggiator? There is a third party plugin called ‘Ratchit’ that does ratchet sequencing, however, it is Windows-only, and I am on a Mac.


I use chthulu, so haven’t tried with the cubase arp. However, if the gate time can be controlled via cc or automaton it should work.

Thanks. Since I am the owner of Cubase Elements (and will be upgrading to regular Cubase 7.5 very soon) I can’t use Cubase’s included arpeggiator. I am now demoing chtulu but can’t figure out how to set it up in Cubase. Couldn’t find the manual either and apparently it isn’t of much help anyways. Do you mind showing or telling me how to setup chthulu in Cubase? Or, perhaps you can provide a link to some instructions?

Many thanks.

Load Chthulu as an instrument. On the VSTi you want Chthulu to drive, go to the MIDI input and in the drop down you should see Chthulu. Set both the Chthulu track and the VSTi track to monitor on. The weird symbol at the top left (next to the speaker icon) of Chthulu is the latch option, so you can hit a single note to start and transpose the arp. Turn the speaker icon off as that is Chthulus internal sound, which is pretty awful.

Thanks for the explanation. I don’t see Chthulu listed as an option under MIDI input for the synth I am using though. What to do?
Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 8.25.20 PM.png

Are you sure you have chthulu loaded as an nstrument?

Fairly certain.

Hmm. I’m on the road. So can’t do screen grabs. What cubase are I using. LE? Maybe that makes a difference

Thanks for helping me out. I’m on Cubase LE Elements 7.

Hit f11 does Chula show in the rack

Nothing showed up in the rack so I added Chula to it. Now I have the option of MIDI in/out for Chula but I am confused as to what to do next.

I didn’t see the latch option in Chula. Next to the speaker icon is the automation button and it is greyed out for some reason.


Just purchased Cubase Artist 7.5! Should be getting it the beginning of next week. :smiley:

I use Sugarbytes Thesys for this style of sequencing it is very powerfull and easy to use