Rating Filter

I don’t understand why all factory presets are rated with three stars by default? Unless I take the time to unrate all presets, the filtering system seems is pretty useless to me :unamused:

Hi Whirly

I could be wrong but i think the star ratings are to do with the amount of note express you can do.


That’s 2 seconds of work.
Select all the presets in HS (shift+click) and re-rate (or unrate if you like) one preset, the selected presets will take over that rating.

No offence, but I think you are wrong.

Ha lol

yer i kinga figured,

Im sure ratings cant be how good they sound. because we all have different tast of sound


The problem with the select all unrate everything, is that I had done this before 1.5 update… and did my own ratings, so now how do I differentiate between the ones I rated as 3 and the all patches that came rated as 3?


I did not test it, so a long shot.
But you could try it trough mediabay’s rating system by sorting HALion Sonic’s sounds on “Date Modified”. I guess all the 12/10/2010 presets are new ones.
Strangely enough HALion Sonic can’t filter on “Date Modified” or “Date Created”.

I recently upgraded to Halion 4 and some how once again my presets all got rated to a three star.
I have had months to think about this and for me this would have to be one of the top three most stupid things Steinberg has ever done, and there have been many.
What possible use is there of rating all their presets as 3…seriously is there a reasonable or sensible explanation possible for this?