ratings reseted after update

Hi all,

after installing Padshop pro all my ratings from the original Padshopsounds are reseted.(3###)
I rated all my padshopsounds and now i start again? (Same in Retrologue)
Anybody else?

Thanks, Mike

Hello Mike - sorry to read of this; I’d be really cheesed off if this had happened to me…!

I hadn’t tagged any of the sounds prior to the update so can’t confirm unfortunately. Give it a few days, see if you get some response here; but, it won’t hurt to raise a support ticket (via MySteinberg) to get SB’s view.

Maybe there’s something that could/should have been done by the user beforehand, to safeguard those ratings, yet not detailed anywhere…? (maybe I’m missing something…!)


Same thing after update to Padshop 1.1: all my ratings are reseted to “***” :cry:

Hi jim99, which version of Cubase do you have? I have 6.5.0 on OSX 10.6.8

I have a supportticket about this question since two weeks, no answer!

Gr, Mike

OS X 10.7.4
Cubase 6.5.0

After 2,5 weeks I became this answer from Steinberg support:

“Hereby sound or performance should not be affected”



ouch…nice answer… :imp: ;-(

I do not hope that all my rating will be gone with the next update. Anyone a clue where these are stored?


I copied these folders, but not sure, if it will work, if i have to restore my ratings.