rats! or "The screen is dead, long live the screen!"

My puter screen just gave up! Typing on my HTC …
So … RATS!!!

Oooh, an excuse to buy gear at Xmas :sunglasses:
Go for it Ulf, a nice flatscreen, you deserve it :sunglasses:

All the best

Ha ha. My touch pad and buttons are giving up the ghost. Hope it last till my next cheque comes in. :slight_smile:

27" Philips ordered although ETA at the shop is unconfirmed, but 35 units are scheduled för tomorrow. :sunglasses:
It’s nothing special, but definitively larger than the 19" that died.
I knew the next screen would be bigger but the timing is … just rotten! :confused:
Life goes on …

I wish I had a 27-incher :laughing:

Of course, the only thing that could “accommodate” me would be various large forms of wildlife…

I prefer high resolution over big size to be honest, if you can fit the same amount of pixels in a smaller screen that’s only better in my opinion, I hate looking at individual pixels.

1920x1080 is probably better than the old one, or about the same. The new one is 16:9 and the old one is 4:3. And it’s more of a emergancy solution than a proper purchase so it’s OK.

Whats bugging me is the more or less universal limit of 1080 pixels vertically, I’m after a couple of new flat screens and if I want 1600 pixels vertically the price is astronomical.

The old CRTs you could get 1600 vertical for a reasonable price.

Simple: 1080 is HDTV standard and therefore part of consumer market, which means you’ll have hundreds times more panels to manufacture than with higher resolutions for professional market.

I know, still… It’s a stupid computer monitor not a stupid TV, made by stupid flat screen manufacturers with limited bandwidth to give me a decent vertical pixel count for reasonable cost. :mrgreen:

My new this year Onkyo AV Receiver will upscale video to the so-called 4K “standard” - about 4,000 x 2000. No commercial monitors will support that but I suspect it is coming

1920x1200 is enough for me, that’s still payable and better than 1080

I can rotate my main monitor (22" wide screen) to accomodate long track lists better. With NVidia, switching between the views is cake.


It has arrived! :sunglasses:
-“The arrival of the Philips screen at the shop is postponed … onedoned
So I bought a Samsung 27" instead.
Wow, it’s wide! :astonished: Lots of room for silly plugins and whatnot!
I think the resolution makes the stuff on the new screen look bigger?
I could argue that I’d like it to be the same or even higher than the old screen.
On the other hand everything looks better when you see it clearly splashed out a little.
I think I like the resolution

But the timing suxx! I’m not made of money for a few days more … :open_mouth: :confused:
The tide will turn, however. The tide will turn! :sunglasses:

Yeah, that’s what I said earlier. You bought a very big screen with relatively few pixels, so the individual pixels are bigger. That’s why everything looks bigger on your screen. Buying a bigger screen does not necessarily give you more space per se, it’s the resolution that counts, not the diameter size.

I know! I worked with among other things testing screens for a few years which was a few years ago (in a completely different price range!). I could have bought a 19" 4:3 screen for the same money or very close (in the dirt cheap range, without CRAP written all over it haha). I like the screen I bought … for now!

And after all it’s an emergency solution so it’s OK. Not something you do high precision color correction on but OK. It’s wider and that’s what I wanted :wink:

How good would a couple of 40" 4000 x 2000 monitors be :stuck_out_tongue: but where would you put the speakers?

If you put your monitors too close to the screen the screen acts as an extension of the fronts of the monitors in turn changing the characteristics of it all?

New world record in retarded manuals and support: Samsung!!!
I finally found my way through the calibration setup and all that!
Total piece of crap!
I usually set the installation language to English just to avoid terminology getting lost and distorted in the translation.
I tried to do so this time as well by checking the right boxes.
But, noooooooooooooo …
The installer “helped” me with setting the language for me. Thank you very much … NOT!
The Swedish “version” was just some horrible auto translated crap or the work of somebody who had no idea of what they were writing about!
The graphics elements like texts and images overlapped each other.
The order things were listed made me install stuff in the wrong sequence and then uninstall and reinstall.
The installer refused to use any other browser for software download than IE …
The online manual(s) were cramped up in the upper left corner, totally out of date (2007) and a total mess to read.

I ccould go on like this and add about twice as much but nobody would care to read :laughing:

I’m out on the other side now.
Looks great after calibration and adjustments! :sunglasses:

Cool, what’s the native res?