Raven and Eagle Pianos

Upgraded to Halion 6 mainly for the piano’s, but i’m disappointed with them, they don’t sound good at all, very cheap and thin sounding, again not impressed. :frowning:

I too was disappointed with the pianos, the velocity crossfades are very uneven, and one of the pianos is badly out of tune.

But to be fair, most VST piano libraries nowadays would be larger than the entire Halion library, so expectations shouldn’t be too high. They should be OK when a more bright rock piano is needed, they are certainly no good for solo classical/jazz style. where the piano is more exposed.

One good realistic piano would of been better than two cheap sounding ones don’t you think.

Perhaps a single piano may have been better, the Eagle is a 12 layer 7.3Gb sample (that’s the out of tune one) and the Raven is a 6 layer 3.2Gb sample.
The Raven has a nasty unevenness around velocities 67 - 82, the step between the first and second velocity layer is too harsh, which is what ruins it, although it sounds quite horrid at the top of it’s range and is generally a rather thin sound.

The Eagle is considerably better, in fact I reckon I will use it on certain things when a more synthetic chorus’y sound is needed,

So thumbs up for Eagle :slight_smile: , thumbs down for Raven :frowning: .

I was just about to post about the out of tune issue when I saw this thread. Although I actually do like the sound of the piano’s ( I have mostly checked The Eagle and actually used it on a gig last night), the out of tune thing in the low octave is disturbing and shouldn’t have passed QC, IMO.

I hope Steinberg finds a solution to correct this problem a.s.a.p because the main reason I upgraded was also for the piano’s (and the strings, which sound very good).

I haven’t had the time yet to check out the uneven velocity switch issue with The Raven that andyjh mentionend but will look into that later today.

…that’s a fizzer and real deflating to hear that a 7gb instrument with 12 layers is NOT gettin praise and NOT getting kudos, from various users on the forum.

I must admit I liked what I heard of the Eagle demo’s -

but I’ll have wait n see until:IF SB decide to officially support win7-64bit

well I like both of them to be honest. 2 very natural sounding pianos, best ones yet. Just notice that if you upgrade from Halion 5 you would wanna pick the factory screen set from Halion 6 since I found out that the Halion 5 screen set messes up settings in the matric and all over. Halion 6 update do to change it!!! That might mess with your sound and quality :unamused: