re-activation problems

As a company we purchased several copies of cubase 6.5 artist. All installed on machines used by students on a daily basis. We recently had a few laptops stolen all of which where installed with cubase but they didnt take the dongles.
I have today tried to install cubase on a replacement machine using one of these dongles and an existing activation code only to be told that it has already been used and I wasnt allowed to proceed.
Im unsure how to work around this as I now have a genuine dongle, product and activation code which is being rejected by the steinberg server?

Can anyone help??

Once the license is on the Dongle, no need to re-activate. Did you install the latest eLCC?

Hi, many thanks for your prompt reply and sorry for perhaps appearing dumb here but I simply installed the software. Plugged the dongle in, entered the activation code and expected it to work. Where would I find the eLCC?

Didn’t you get the option to choose “Already Registered”? You should have been able to start Cubase once the Dongle was plugged in. Post a screenshot of what you see when you start Cubase.