re-amp noise

Hi all,

I’m trying to re-amp a dry signal via the line out jacks on my UR44. i’m using a Radial Pro Amp Passive DI and it seem to work, however i’m getting a fair bit of noise. I can reduce it a bit by modifying the output level on the Radial, but its still there…

Anyone got any ideas? Amp and Sound card share the same power point (via power boards, obviously) so i’m not sure its a grounding issue…

The noise only occurs when plugged into the UR44, when i unplug from that, no noise.


No profund idea of the technical aspects but I think a DI box isn’t ideal, try a reamping box. There are pretty cheap ones that work well (Palmer, Radial).

Have you tried just the line out without anything inbetween? Saw people doing this and it worked (with sound degradation maybe).

I too struggled with this issue; it seems that a dedicated re-amping box is a good solution (I know this doesn’t help your immediate need). An active (as opposed to passive) box, with a ground lift switch, such as the Radial X-Amp, works great and is quiet.

For now, if you’re hearing a 60-cycle type hum, there are some pretty effective hum-cancelling plug-ins out there, you could grab a demo.



Sorry, i meant “Radial ReAmp Box”. Looks like i need find a de-hummer or try other arrangements…

cheers all