Re-amping guitars

I am having no luck at all re-amping some guitar tracks with the mr816x. My old setup was simple (makie onyx 1200f) and i had no problems re-amping. But ive since replaced it with the mr816x, and now when i try to re-amp im getting loud feedback, even at low volume levels.

How do you re-amp with this? In my DAW (Sonar 8.5) i have the guitar DI track set to output 3 on the 816x. I got a 1/4" to XLR coming out of output 3 into my radial x-amp, then into my amp. This should work right? I get a signal from the amp, but i cant turn my amp up past 1, or turn up the channel the mic is on, without producing loud feedback. It also just doesnt sound right, getting a weak tone. I know im not doing something right, can someone help me out with this? Has anyone re-amped guitars before with the mr816x and if so can you tell me how exactly to set everything up for this?

I did a search for this topic already but found nothing helpful for me. I need a step by step on how to properly do this. Thanks

solved this issue:

Used output 7 on the MR816, (tried 3-6), the feedback went away. Also you control how much gain goes to the amp in the MR mixer. So in the MR mixer, on outputs 1-2, find a good level for your main monitor volume. Then click on output 7/8 and control the DI signal with the main output fader. Sounds complicated but isnt.


To re-amp I’m assuming you want to record the dry direct guitar signal.

So, I’d turn off Direct Monitoring in the Cubase VST Device Control panel … that way the 816 won’t feed your guitar directly back to the head phones.

Then I’d route the Direct input to a Cubase Audio Track. Now you’ll be able to record the guitars direct sound. Click on the Monitor button for that track and you’ll hear the guitar. Now use an insert on that track to add either the VST Amp Rack , or other VST Amp simulator. You’ll hear the result … but since it’s applied after the recording it wont get 'printed to tape" (LOL … old guy here!!). It just gives you a good feel to play.

After the recording you can change the amp sim settings to you’re heart’s content.

Two things

1: if you have the full Cubase make sure you apply the plug-in to the record track insert … not the input channel insert, or you will print the simulated sound to the track! If you have Cubase Studio, you won’t have Input Channels.

2: yes, there will be Latency when you play the guitar … but if you record at 48KHz and set your buffer to 64 samples it gets down to 2 or 3 milliseconds, even on my laptop. OK for me, but maybe not for some. In that case you’ll have to use a hardware Box for initial monitoring … with a signal split (maybe from the 816 itself?). But jsut play sloppy and think of the fun you can have warping and editing and all that!!! :wink:

Oh, don’t forget to turn Direct Monitoring back on afterwards!!

Hope this helps




  • record dry or with very low input (from audio interface)
  • then amp to ur liking with guitar rig/amplitube/izotope trash
  • after youve amped I recommend limit or compress the signal