Re-amping with UR44

Hi, I’m running Cubase 6 on Windows 7. Interface is UR44. All standard stuff. Problem is re-amping.
I have followed these steps:
1: VST Connections - External FX - Add External FX - (Re-amp Mono) - Send Bus 1 = Device Port UR44 Mix 2L (which corresponds to Line Output 3 on the back of the UR box!!)

2: run cable from Line Output 3 on back of UR box to guitar amp. Signal goes to amp, no problem.
2a: create FX channel using Re-amp Mono

3: VST Connections - External FX - Return Bus 1 = UR44 Input 1

4: put mic in front of guitar amp, run cable from mic to Input 1 on front of UR box.

5: adjust input 1 gain - some low end feedback

6: new track to record onto - select Input Left Stereo In (which corresponds to Input 1!!) - no signal coming into Cubase.

7: check VST Connections - Inputs. Stereo In Left (which if you remember is actually Input 1!!) is Not Connected. If I connect it to UR44 Input 1, the Return Bus in the External FX page becomes Not Connected, and I go around in a circle of toggling between these…

Result is: no signal coming into Cubase!!

What am I doing wrong?? If anyone can help, thank you thank you!!

Of course you are. One physical board can either be Return for the external Fx or a regular input bus.
Apart from that, it has done be done either with the “external FX” feature, or as simple recording loop, not both, as you are doing.

Thanks for the reply and explanation. I’m pretty dumb about so many alternative names for the same thing, so not sure what ‘board’ is meant to mean.
Can’t quite work out what you mean, so I guess I’ll try it all again with some time between attempts, maybe I’ll trip over the solution along the way. Cheers anyway.

Should be „port“ auto correction function of the phone I guess…

Either use the exteranl Fx feature, or the standard routing, not both at the same time.