Re Arrange faders in Mixer

Hello,new to Cubase Pro 8, coming from Protools HD11, is there a way to grab a fader ( Channel) and move it some where else in the mixer?
Lets say I have 8 channels that I want grouped then I later decide I want to add a VCA NEXT to them
Or later I want to organise audio channels together,Instruments etc.
I can’t find a way to simply grab a channel in the mixer and move it to a new location.


You can do it in the track list…not in the mixer.

Thanks,I finally figures that out, it would be nice to be able to do it in the mixer,don’t see why it’'s such a issue
just another work flow thing,thanks for your reply


you can play with the zones/visibility in the mixer to show different views but as grim said you cannot just drag a fader to another spot that is done in the main tracks workspace and will be reflected in the mixer view

you can do it the same as pro tools in the Project Window and that will reflect in the mixer(s) … just not in the Mixer(s)

Steinberg you all should really add this feature to the mixer it would really speed things up, and allow cubase to read caf files wow that would really seal the deal.

This feature is still not available !!

We live in 2020 and I use Cubase 10.5 Pro !