Re-assigning a supported controller

I have a Novation Launchkey Mk3
Shows up and responds to the default assignments for Cubase.
Want to re-assign my faders for CC.
How do I do this?
Can’t see anywhere to do this in the mapping assistant. Seems everything is only related to controlling Cubase itself.

Since no replies, been trying to figure out on my own.
I clicked “disable controller script”. Don’t ask me why.
How do I undo this?

In the MIDI Remote Manager window (Studio>MIDI Remote Manager), click on the Scripts pane. In the scripts list, you should see your disabled script (listed in grey). Select it and click on the Enable Controller Script button. It works as expected, here.

Concerning the mapping assistant, and the commands available in the Functions Browser, you also have :

  • the Focus Quick Controls which can help, if you want to use your controller with specific plug-ins (check the Focus Quick Controls paragraph in the operation manual).
  • The Selected track > Quick controls ones.


Thank you sir! Most helpful and mucho appreciated.
So there is no way to assign my controller pads, faders etc. to anything other than what is supported in Cubase?
Eg., If I want to assign my pads to different note numbers, this needs to be done in the controller itself, correct?
For me personally I don’t need to use the controller to select tracks, enable record etc.
Everything I want to do is custom.

All depends about what you mean about “other than what is supported in Cubase”. See again my previous post about that : in example, you can set your Launchkey faders/knobs to control plug-ins Quick controls.

Beside this, I also have a pad controller (Akai MPD32) and yes, everything note numbers related is done in the controller setup itself. I do have several presets available (up to 30) if I need to change quickly the note numbers of the pads set, though, which is not often (changing for a different drum VSTi is one of the seldom use cases).