Re: Beat Designer and Lower Zone suggetions for Cubase 10.5

Steinberg should update BeatDesigner and integrate it into the lower zone, just like Chord pads, Sampler and Mix console.
We should also be able to drag and drop ant sample from Media bay or any audio part from sampler track straight to the beat designer, without having to load GA.
We should be able to open and View multiple Windows in the lower Zone, at least two should be viewed side by side. For example, if I can open Sampler track and Mixer at the same time.
This will accommodate lot of trap and EDM producers.

This is an AMAZING idea man!

Why not integrate Beat Designer AND Step Designer too?

I mean, C10’s drum editor is amazing, but for a quick idea Beat Designer and Step Designer are great options. I actually have tried to use the independent track loop feature, which is great. But at times I would like to switch drum/note patterns on the fly for inspiration.

And why not implement to step designer features like the ones included on Xfer’s Nerve sequencer? THAT, would be amazing!

Just my 2c…