Re: CANNOT activate MySteinberg!

I cannot activate my Steinberg account to use my new purchase of Cubase 9.5. Can someone in the know please get in touch to help me.


Could you be more specific, please?

Did you get the confirmation email?

I did not get the e-mail. Nothing at all.
I am using the USB dongle to activate to get the download activation code.

Thanks for the reply. It’s been driving me crazy. All I think I need is the conformation email from Steinberg but nothing yet


Check your spam folder, please.

Of it’s not there, get in touch with your local Technical support, they will generate the confirmation email again.

Thanks, nothing in the spam folder I checked that hundreds of times. Thanks for your reply but I am no further forward here. Sitting like an idiot waiting for Steinberg to send me one email so I can use the software I payed £450 for. Seems very unfair and ridiculous.


Some mail providers block the mails sent automatically by Steinberg servers. This is the reason, why you haven’t get the email. Please get in touch with your local Steinberg Technical support. They will generate the confirmation email manually, and it should arrived then.

So, the problem is all yours. Why do I have to wait for the email and if it doesn’t come I then have to organise the email to get sent to me. Terrible customer services. I actually changed over from another music system to buy your product and this is what I am going through.
Where is my ‘local Steinberg Technical support team?’ as if I should know that. Maybe you could tell me, I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

Well if you don’t tell Steinberg the mail didn’t arrive by contacting them, how on earth do you expect them to know they need to send another?

This is a user to user forum, no-one that you have spoken to here is Steinberg employee, just other users trying to help.

Thanks guys, sorry been incredibly frustrated by all this nonsense. Not trying to get angry with anyone, or anything like that, would just like the transaction to be complete, which is not something I can do myself.