Re-create the Yamaha DX5 using FM Zone

Any thoughts on a starting point to try and re-create the Yamaha DX5 sound in the FM Zone?
I always imagined that it was 2 DX7’s in a stacked mode, though it always seemed to sound ‘bigger’ than that…

Edit: provided some info’ when prompted

  1. 32-Voice Polyphony: The DX5 was one of the first synthesizers to offer 32-voice polyphony, meaning that it could play up to 32 notes simultaneously. This allowed for rich and full sounds and made the DX5 an ideal instrument for playing chords and pads.
  2. Two 6-Operator Synthesizers: The DX5 featured two independent 6-operator synthesizers that could be layered or split to play different sounds simultaneously. This allowed for even greater flexibility in creating complex sounds.

… my thought is that the electronics differed slightly between the ‘boards’

FWIW DX5 banks can be directly imported (presumably it’s the same sysex format as the DX7).

I’ll certainly check that out. Thank you…