RE: Cubase 10.5 and 10.0.50 - Current issues information

And I quote…
"Cubase 10.5 and 10.0.50 - Current issues information

Post by Fabio Bartolini » 14 Jan 2020 14:48
We would like to make you aware of the current issues and forthcoming fixes, as we believe a couple of them are behind most of the issues reported here so far.

  1. Possible abnormal CPU consumption with specific VST3 plugins.

This is the reason for increased CPU usage some of you experienced in specific projects.
Please note that this affects both Cubase 10.5.0 (and 10.5.5 on the Mac) and 10.0.50.
It was fixed with high priority for 10.5.10, the fix is already being tested and will be also part of the forthcoming final C10 release, 10.0.60.

Known work-around:

– Disable the “Suspend VST3 Plugin Processing when no audio signal is received” preference in Cubase
– Use the VST2 version of the affected plugin
– Revert (or install) Cubase 10.0.40"

Performance appears to be worse in 10.5.10

The track I was mixing in 10.5.0 at the weekend and was close to glitching out. Now totally glitches out. It is unplayable.
It is also unplayable in 10.0.50 (which hasn’t been patched as noted above).

Disabling the “Suspend VST3 plugin processing when no audio signal is received” made no difference at all.

For the moment, I am back to 9.5 where average load is about 90% (for that song).

Given for many years, if there is an option to install VST3 or VST2, I only ever install the VST3 version. I think in hindsight that was a stupid decison.

Has the PC performance issues seem better or worse for you? I’d be interested to know!

in my experience better. in the sense that some vst3 plugins, i already wrote in two messages, o well… do not set the average load meter to 90%, which in my case, in some cases went down to normal, when playing the project.

10.0.5 was rock solid (or as rock solid any DAW can be…) for me, the problems i had where iLok related… known issue with the iLok software… and some other third party problem, i can’t remember. but 10.0.5 worked great on windows 10 pro (and home).

strange, i never saw that it was a problem in 10.0.5, but i didn’t use cubase a lot for a time, so that can be it.
so perhaps my statement about 10.0.5 can be wrong.

if it caused by certain vst3 plugins, or caused, occurs, is the better phrase. perhaps i got lucky, that the vst3 plugins i use aren’t problematic, or some.

in the release notes the vst3 problem is not mentioned, i.e. that it is fixed.

cubase (and maschine… has also bugs that bother me) seems to me now not so reliable anymore.

it can system depended, it can be related with the vst3 plugins you use. i do not know.

better communication from the side of cubase would be appriciated, we, users, do not have to speculate.

i will always use cubase, i like the d*mn thing, but communication!

on the native instruments forum they discovered that answering questions, even persons from developing teams, gives a better view what is going on. it took a long time… but it works, you can get information, that a bug is reproduced, or is how do call it registered.

cubase can learn something from native instruments, i never believe i would write that. but at this moment also maschine is too buggy for me.

i have 3 other DAW’s so i can work. falling back to lower version, is what i am thinking too.

but i will work the coming days with cubase, and see how it holds.

I’ve posted morre information in the following thread (so I don’t repeat myself here.

(I have posted this in a similar thread) but anyways.

Quick update. Just installed 10.5.12.

Opened my failing project and it now runs at about 85 - 90% average CPU. So at least it plays. It even plays at 95% if I drop ASIO guard down to low.
So that is an improvement. Thank you!!