Re: DLL/VST Plugin limitation issue on Windows

In the N8.2 Version History it states:


It is now possible to load more plug-ins on Windows systems.

Does anybody know what ‘more’ means in this instance? Does this take the DLL/plugin limit up to the current Windows device limit of 256 or is it just a small improvement?

I have PM’d Timo Wildenhain and Thorsten Marx about this but no replies so far.

I can not move on from N7 until there is a significant improvement in this area.

It’s at least equal to or better than N7.

There is going to need to be a dramatic improvement over N7 to enable me to move to N8.

Have a look at this thread and the links in it:

If you read the thread you posted you’ll notice I replied to that too. The fixes from C9.5 are in N8.2. I’m well aware of the issue and N8.2 is finally usable where as prior v8 builds (for me) were not.

You can also use the tool provided at to check yourself.

There has been a definite improvement. As an experiment, I added all 240 Tango tracks in Device Setup in N7 and N8.2. I then created a new, empty project in both (I had to add one track so that the FLS checker plugin could be loaded - SEE BELOW). In N7 there were 10 slots remaining and in N8.2 there were 28 remaining. I believe that these figures were helped by removing anything I don’t need from the C:\Components folder (ADR, 3Dconnectorski, vstconnect,euconadapter, DolbyAtmos and Reconform).

Note: Arturia’s Analog Lab 3 plugin apparently uses 43 slots - so goodbye to that one!

So things are looking better and hopefully Steinberg will be able to make some more progress on this in the fullness of time.

I am going to try to retain the 240 Tango tracks and keep an eye on the plugins I use, with fingers crossed.

This issue is not present on Apple Macs, but I just can’t see myself switching from PC at this stage of the game - too many as yet unknown complications will present themselves I’m sure.

‘twelvetwelve’ on this forum has developed a very useful, and free, FLS slot checker plugin. Insert the plugin on any track and it will report how many slots are still available to a project. This has given me much more information on what is actually happening. It shows how many slots each plugin takes. The inbuilt Steinberg plugins do not appear to use any slots (so I will be trying to use them as much as possible). UAD, Arturia and Izotope plugins use between 2 and 5 slots in the main, but only on the first iteration of each plugin - further uses of the same plugin on other tracks do not require more slots. Obviously, using six different UAD plugins would use a lot of slots.

Here is the plugin:

I didn’t develop the plug-in - Takashi deserves all the credit for that one.

Ah, OK - Thanks to Takashi.