Re-Download NEK 7


I’m having some MIDI challenges in Nuendo and, one of the options I want to try is, a complete re-install.

i am in the process of downloading Nuendo, as we speak, but there doesn’t seem to be a link to download NEK, only a red button saying, “Request support”. This button is pointing me to “International distributors”. :open_mouth:

Is this how it works?



Even though the link says, “Nuendo 7”, it actually includes NEK, because that’s what I bought originally. Duh! :blush: :laughing:

To duh or not to duh? Coming from N5.5 I was confused enough to dump a healthy hour of crunch time looking for download access online.

I know - my bad for not checking the knowledge base first - I’ll say weakly in my defense that there’s some room for improvement on explaining the NEK purchase process for sluggish upgraders and/or 4AM sloggers.

Oops - there I go with the time - another 5 minutes gone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You make a valid point. Sometimes the instructions aren’t clear. :slight_smile: