Re: Drum midi file names in ruler of drum editor - RESOLVED!

This is something that’s annoyed me for quite some time, and I’m finally getting around to posting it here.
I’m using Superior Drummer 3 (In Cubase 10.5) and the excellent midi files they offer.
When I go into the drum editor, the name of the midi file (and every detail about it) is displayed in a black field
across the bottom half of the ruler display. for example

“Add on packs/Volume 1- Sticks/straight 4/4/song 1/75bpm/cymbal variations/variation 3” - this info both from the beginning of the file towards the right, and from the end of the file towards the left. Why is this necessary, and is there a way to get rid of this?

It prevents me from clicking in the ruler to select a point at which to start playing
the file, or from clicking in the ruler to drag up or down to zoom in/out.

It makes drum programming, which I mostly enjoy - very frustrating at times. Slows down the process.


First, to clarify - Cubase does not directly use MIDI files. All the MIDI data you see in a Cubase Project is saved within the .cpr file and it does not reference or use any external .mid files. So the text you are seeing may look like a file name but it isn’t.

When you import a MIDI file into Cubase it creates a new MIDI Part and it names that Part after the file. So what you want to do is change the name of that Part.

  1. In the Project Window select the MIDI Part.
  2. On the Info Line modify the Name field to whatever you prefer.

Thank you, Sir! Suppose I should’ve asked eons ago! :slight_smile:

One more thing. The text you are seeing in the editor is on some “flags” (don’t know what their proper name is) that indicate where the MIDI Part starts and ends. You can resize the MIDI Part by moving these within the editor. There might even be a Preference to not show them - but I’m not sure about that and a quick look didn’t find it.

Ah, yes. I see that now. Cool! Thanks for your help, Raino!