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I have never posted in this SECTION of the forum before.

My question relates to a recent conversation between myself and (very helpful member!) Arjan:

I am wanting to record a VIDEO of the YAMAHA DX21 SYNTH Factory Presets. But many of these are, by default, different VOLUMES. In the above thread we discuss some options but overall, Arjan had recommended using BATCH PROCESSOR. But we are not sure if it is in WAVELAB and/or ELEMENTS? The latter is for sale on eBay but as I say, I am not sure if this tool lies within?:

I ran a search for this tool within this ELEMENTS forum, but the results were coming up with topics relating more towards MP3 exporting etc.

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Paul David Seaman

afaik, you can’t do loudness normalize in the batch processor in Elements. You’d have to add all your files to one track of a montage and use the loudness normalizer. Then you’d need to put region markers around each of the files and render them one by one. I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to do your particular job in Elements. Maybe someone else has a different way.

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Ok, from what you are saying, could I therefore (completely bypassing ELEMENTS 8):

INDIVIDUALLY NORMALIZE each preset (ie one at a time) to the SAME chosen value (say) ‘-3dB’?

Or simply (CTL+A) select ALL and NORMALIZE them to (say) ‘-3dB’ in one single hit? In other words, the END RESULT will be exactly the same either way!?

In the above, I would be using the PROCESS/NORMALIZE tool included in ARTIST 8.


Is the above tool DIFFERENT from the LOUDNESS NORMALIZER included in ELEMENTS 8?



Wavelab Elements has a Peak Normalizer (not what you want), and a Loudness Normalizer (what you want). If you haven’t done so already, you might want to ask in the Cubase forum what the Cubase Artist normaizer(s) are capable of. Sorry, I don’t have Cubase Artist.


Ok, will do.




Have not had any concrete replies either way and I am so not sure if anyone knows?

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Maybe ask your question again at the end of this thread:

It sounds like the Cubase normalize is peak normalize, but I’m not sure. You can try it and see if it gets close enough for you. You might have to check and manually adjust after any of these processes anyway.

You could get Wavelab Elements, load all your files in a montage and use the loudness normalizer (which is non-destructive), but like I said it seems you would have to manually mark and manually export each region individually after normalize.
Wavelab full version would be easier.
If this is a one time thing, there are probably other programs that do this specifically, converting with replaygain, but Wavelab is a great program and well worth having for other things. Elements might be fine, try a demo. fwiw, I’d buy direct from Steinberg. Ebay might be getting better, but my experience has been they simply can’t police each and every software sale.

Hi Bob,

Thanks a lot. Seems to be something of a can of worms! lol

I would only ever purchase STEINBERG products from either of two UK established retailers I have used many times before. Therefore, I never fall victim of crack copies. But thanks for the warning anyway.

Not sure whether or not to continue this conversation in the above LINKED thread, or to post a LINK within that one to HERE? I don’t want to get accused of multi-posting the same topic throughout this forum by a moderator.



Hi folks,

I am still really stuck on this one please if anyone can help further?!

I plan to make some You Tube videos (of the MOOG and DX synths) and want to be sure what it is I may need to purchase in order to help LEVEL OUT all of the VOLUMES?