Re: How to crossfade (slide) in between MIDI chords ?

Hi, how to crossfade two chords (MIDI track) for example C major and than D major into smooth long transition.
I use LABS pads for ambient music.
I need transition to lasts like 3-4 seconds.
When I put long release,decay slow attack it gets very mudy and cacophony.
When all notes sounds at the same time - awful!

When you hear a worship music one harmony “glide” or “slide” into another, it is more of a morphing chords. You do not hear all of the notes at some point together.

As one guy pointed out in some comments: " Learning how to crossfade pads would be better than unnecessarily adding a bunch of reverb and delay to the pads just to give them a “pseudo” crossfade effect."

That is what I want to learn, does anybody know how to do that or some useful video?



The only way is to use Pitch Bend as the Note Expression Editor for individual MIDI Notes to make the slides Note-independent. I mean if you want to just slide from C to D, then it’s easy, you can use just Pitch Bend. But if you would like to slide from C to Dmin, then the 3rd has to slide only 1 semitone, but the rest has to slide 2 semitones. Then you have to do it Note-independent.