RE : I Can Not Access My Steinberg Account

Hi folks,

I am currently not able to access My Steinberg account:

Every time I try to LOG IN, the email-address/username and password all get REJECTED despite this data being correct.

When I try to RESET the password using my username (monsterjazzlicks), I keep getting the error message “Please activate your account first.

And when I try to RESET the password using my email address (Hotmail), I get the error message Account does not exist."

Plus, I can not even open a SUPPORT REQUEST as you need to be LOGGED IN to My Steinberg to do so!

As a result, since Friday (last) I cannot access My Steinberg to download/activate my Cubase 8 to my reformatted Win8 PC.

Has anyone else encountered this recent issue please?

Thanks in advance,

Paul David Seaman


I sent you a PM.

Much appreciated.

Will contact


Happy to help.

Hay guys I had trouble with my acc today as-well. Reset the password…alls good went back an hour later and again had to do another reset

It has stayed working for me for 48 x hours now so hopefully it is fixed long-term.

I can’t get into My Steinberg either. It keeps giving me a message saying “Email and/or Password Incorrect. Please try again”. I can log into the forum no problem, why not My Steinberg? (aren’t they the same?)

So I clicked the “Forgot Password” link. It asks for my Username or Email. If I put in my Username, it requires me to “Activate” my account first (huh?). If I put in my email address, I get a “Success” screen informing me that a new password has been sent, but no email ever arrives. (And yes, I checked my spam folder).

I’ve dowloaded the 8.0.2 maintenance update, but I’m afraid to install it until I know I can reach my support account.

never mind. My password reset email finally arrived, and worked. Just needed to wait a little longer I guess. And it seems “My Steinberg” and the forum ARE separate accounts, with separate Usernames and passwords.


I had the same issue yesterday despite entering the correct details… something gone wonky steiny’s end!

Exactly the same as the first post here too. Need to download a full installer for Cubase 8 and MySteinberg won’t let me in.

I requested a new password… took about two minutes to sort out…

Didn’t work here.
The Forgot password page won’t accept my username or password.
The username almost works but gives a message that says Please activate your account first.
If I try the setup account page it says email already in use.

Sure you haven’t entered something incorrectly? easily done… case sensitive etc?

No I’m always super careful. Used the same details for ages and always copy these from an app I wrote that remembers all my passwords for me.

Hmmm yeah tricky one that… unless you contact support by email explaining the position… obviously the same email address you used for your my steinberg account… unless one of the mods on here could help possibly?

Weird, I got your login details in my inbox too! Now I have another license in my steinberg account!

Come on and join the partay!! OooooooH YEAAAH! (Duffman stylee) :astonished: :astonished: :laughing: :laughing: