Re install activation

Hi everyone. I just ran into a problem and could not see the answer on the Cubase site. I have the LE 4 version came with my Tascam us1641. My hard drive died so now I am re building and was wondering if when I install Cubase again if they will let me re activate!
I can’t even remember the process but it seemed like a one time offer!
I’m thinking I might download the trail version of 5 anyways as I found the LE pretty limited so didn’t use it much.
I am a big fan of Cubase going back to my Atari day’s but have been using Sonar P 7 for last year and really wish to make the switch.
I don’t have the cash right now for 6 , new computer first. But this summer hope to make the plunge.
Any help and advice much appreciated

After you install LE4 and the latest eLicenser, there will be a new # at the top of eLicenser that you use at MySteinberg to re-activate.

Thanks for your prompt reply, I hope it’s that simple. Looks like there’s another thread with almost same topic. I’ll have to get used to this forum’s layout.

Well it did not work. It wants an Activation code which I believe might have been on the installation CD sleeve. I had put the CD in a case with all my software disks. Looked in the Tascam box, looked through a pile of sleeves. I would imagine I had saved the number as a text file in the now dead hard drive. I looked through my back up drives etc. Anyway I can’t even download the trail version without that code so I guess it’s back to Sonar for now. I understand reasons for heavy copy protection but for me this is a big minus. I guess the full version comes with a usb dongle and this would not be an issue.

Ok I was just reading the info sticky on e licensing. And it seems my activation code would be registered here with stienberg. Now how to retrieve that? I’ll continue digging.

You don’t need an activation code as you’re re-activating.

You need a user account at the MySteinberg website, please log in with your account data
On the left side click at "Activation & Reactivation"
Click on the name of the product which you want to reactivate.
Click on "Reactivation"
Follow the instructions there, enter you new SeL number.
For Sequel also enter the activation code from the card "Essential Product License Information" or the last used activation code you can find in MySteinberg.
Now click on "Request new Activation Code"
Repeat the procedure for each additional product

Yes thanks, that’s where I got to and if you follow through it will ask for your activation code, which is stupid because they all ready have it on file. I did retrieve my original info. There’s a side bar under my profile and it leads to the e serial and activation number. I have those now. But this is becoming very very involved beyond belief. I’ve been at this for over 4 hours now.
SO now I have my registration info. The disk is in the drive ready to go( 3rd time)
The latest install notes say not to use the old version( sycrosoft) of the e license, so after digging through web site pages and pages I get to the new software and download it. Why does all the Steinberg web links take you to multi layers instead of directly where you want to go? It takes 4 pages to get anywhere and will not bookmark. minus 10 for the web site.
Anyhow the new e license control software is buggy- I have XP SP 3 totally updated.
It won’t let me install saying “you need Microsoft net framework V 2 OR newer” .Downloaded the newest version which isV 4. Still won’t run the install. get same message. So now what after a 15 minutes to install net framework v4 am I going to have to try version 2???
And another waste of time, I thought I’d try the trial version of CB 5. You need a USB key, OK, fine , but try and find a price and a place to buy one!! The web pages take you in circles. Come on guy’s you’ll never win me over this way. I honestly want to switch from Sonar to Cubase. So what’s with this e license software,? Should I just use the old version when it say’s not to? I did work a year ago when I first successfully installed Cubase 4LE

I run full C4 with the old Syncrosoft LCC. Only upgrade if there are issues.

Thanks for your help.
I actually got it all to work!
I gave up on the “new” e licence software and just used the old software.
I still could not open Cubase or get the program to go past registration. It was weird because I looked in the place where my activation code is and it showed all OK but product was not registered? Played around with options and it told me I had invalid e license even though it was right there in plain sight!
So on a hunch I ran the e license software again and for some reason it finally worked.
I guess you just have to keep at it but boy was that a piece of work I tell ya.
SO now I can buckle down and use the software. I imagine I be back to ask questions when I get stumped.
Note: Tascam driver install from CD is buggy, kept getting “invalid data” warning. I’ll try the newer downloads later but I had trouble with them last time around. Apparently they don’t work with XPSP 3 only W7 or Vista even though they say they should work.
I contacted Tascam support and they said there’s nothing wrong with the old drivers ( 1.1 ) so use them?
Thanks once again for your help.