Re-install of Cubase as clean as possible

Hi there,
after many long-lasting crashes recently I decided to try to reinstall Cubase 10 completely but wonder what the cleanest way of reinstalling is so that no residuals that could cause issues are left in the system.

Would you recommend to do also anything else than just uninstalling Cubase a regular way in Control Panel-Uninstall? Any edits in registry maybe?

I believe that some folders remain in the system - for example for vsts, right? What about the folder for presets - do they remain in the system as well?


I would like to know that too. Since cubase often has glitches during install or version update and requires trashing preferences multiple times to get it to work

Cubase seems to squirrel away files all over the place in Windows. I have uninstalled Cubase and all of the prefs and content have remained. I have removed libraries with the library manager and the preset names still appear in the media bay. I get an error every time I open Cubase about Padshop 2 presets (after I trialled 10.5) but I can’t find them anywhere on the system to remove them!