Re-installing ALL my Steinberg software..?

Hello people out there! I think I made a “boo-boo” and need help!
I have the Cubase 6 and Halion 4 in original package on DVD and as time has gone I have upgraded them as soon a version have been available so now I’m up at Cubase 7.5.20 and Halion 5 with lots of VSTs and plugins.
Everything has worked fine until now…my hard disk finally gave up and now my problem began:
How to download/Install my once bought Steinberg Software again?
All I find online is either upgrades or trials, are the trials fully working when I have a valid license on the dongle?
Or do i need to install from the start: My orginal DVD/Cubase 6 → 6.50 ->7.0->7.5 ? That i can do but with Halion I can’t find an upgrade from 4.5 to 5…!

All the files, Upgrades and plugs was on a download section on my hard disk but as all it says these days in “click-click” :wink:
I cant get to them.
My dongle is fine anyway and all my licenses are still there…!
I cant think that there is no way to fix this or that I must buy all stuff Again?? :astonished:
I really need help with this and next time I burn will burn backup dvd’s at once… :unamused:
Greetings from Sweden// Heimo

I can’t answer about getting software you lost back, maybe a mod will come to your aid…but I will say that you should most definitely save EVERYTHING you feel is important! I don’t use CD/DVD’s much anymore myself, I use USB hard drives, save stuff & unplug them when not either saving or retrieving. As for hard drives failing, I make images of my OS/Programs hard drives & VSTi samples hard drives with Acronis imaging software. It takes about an hour or less to get up & running again, rather than days of reinstalling everything.

I have a hard drive with just patches and installers on it and I make regularly copies of that drive to three other external disc drives.

An other good thing is to have a disc image of your basic setup of a fresh system and use an other disc for incremental back-ups after that.

With excellent help from steinberg support it all runs smooth again…:slight_smile:
…and yeah…did backup on everything this time…:slight_smile: