Re-installing Cubase 11 on NEW computer. Any issues?

Hi there,

Eventually of course I will upgrade to C12 but since I am building a new Main computer and only have a week between films I want to keep C11 until I have more time to fuss with any C12 related issues (for me C11 is rock solid).

My question is with my current e-licensor setup - (and knowing now SB is going to ilok) - will I have any issues re-install C11 on new computer with e-licensor? Thanks for letting me know. Worse case, I’ll hold off replacing main until the next film is in the can.

  • SB is not going to iLok
  • No you will have no issues using your usb elicenser if it is working now
  • Cubase 12 now uses the SAM system which is software based licensing (but you’ll still need the usb for content)

Thanks Phil. Yea sorry on the ilok (not sure what I mentioned that) :slight_smile: Good to know I can reinstall C11 as is now. I am looking forward to moving to C12 in a few months.

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