Re-installing Cubase Elements 10 Retail

Hello, is there a limit on how many times I can re-instal the programme? I had to re-instal Windows 10 and now I am not able to use the activation code I receive by email from Steinberg. I use my download access code, I instal the programme, I get the new code on my email and the programme tells me the code has been already used before!!! Such a pain in the arse :angry: !!! Could anyone help, please? Cheers! Tom

Hi and welcome,

Go thru the Reactivation process, please.

Martin, I have done that, of course, now my eLicenser shows the Cubase Elements 10 licence, however, when I want to open Cubase it reads: “no valid licence found” so I click on "start licence activation, I enter the number received in the email and… “The activation code has been used already!!!” What am I doing wrong??? It seems Cubase doesn’t see the licence.


If you have Cubase Elements 10 license, make sure you have installed Cubase Elements 10, not 10.5, please.

Of course, I am thick as 2 short planks :smiley: Thanx, Martin, for your help. Cheers! Tom